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Lube Trucks and Bodies

A mobile lube equipment truck and body is the perfect solution to your fluid exchange needs. Just like with our lube trucks, an attachable lube body can be built specifically for the truck type you already have (must be a truck weighted in the 5, 7 or 8 class). Each chassis can be customized with multiple tank configurations — tank sizes range from 30-600 gallons with an optional fuel storage of 500-2,000 gallons. Our lube truck and bodies utilize the Sage Oil Vac exclusive vacuum and pressure systems; most tanks and are built to last 10-plus years on the job.

Sage Oil Vac offers a number of power options to meet customer needs including engine power take-off solutions as well as standalone compressor or generator configurations to reduce chassis idle time and reduce overall fuel consumption.

Function Options:
• Fuel and lube body
• Lube-only body
• Available in an open or enclosed bed style

There are also a number of accessories that you can choose from to complement a lube body from Sage Oil Vac. From filter stingers to drain pans to used filter receptacles, Sage has the additional accessories and equipment needed to benefit your custom needs.

Sage Lube Body

Mobile Lube Equipment Operation & Features

Sage Lube Skids

Sage Oil Vac lube skids are often found in crane trucks, van bodies and mechanics trucks. Our skid products provide Sage’s top of the line fluid exchange system at a more economical price. With smaller fluid capacities, lube skids are great for services like light towers, generators and trucking fleets.

With forklift pockets and mounting holes, all lube skid models are easily transportable. Customers can utilize the skids’ compressor power or easily adapt to air compressors. Our signature Sage Oil Vac pump-free design, creates a low maintenance skid with an estimated 10+ year product life.

Barrel Straw Loading

Use of Barrel Straw to suction fresh oil from barrel into the product tank. Hose with Quick-Connect Cam-Locks.

Sage Filter Stinger

The patented Sage Filter Stinger is used to suction the remaining oil out of the oil filter.

Sage Quick Connect Fittings

The Sage Quick Connect System allows for easy, fast and clean connection of the hoses to the truck.

Sage Meter

The Sage in line Flow Meter provides accurate measuring of the dispensed products.

Sage Drain Pan

The Sage Drain Pan allows for clean and spill free oil change if the Sage Quick Connect System is not available/desired.

Sage Lube Builder System

Customize a dedicated lube truck, add lube capabilities and more with our LubeBuilder system. Choose everything from the number of tanks, tank storage capacities and the placement of the tanks within the truck bed. Your custom LubeBuilder kit will arrive with installation instructions and manuals for a simple install. This product works great for crane trucks, mechanics bodies, van bodies and enclosed bodies. Our LubeBuilder system will create better bed utilization with trailer-free flexibility to park closer in smaller work sites situations. All systems come with fluid control panels that can be mounted at operator convenience. From the panels, you can control product flow, see fluid levels in tanks and fill fresh product tanks and offload used tank.

Professional lube equipment from Sage allows an operator to change the oil at a rate of up to 10-20 gallons per minute, cutting down the time that you spend changing the oil regardless of the equipment that you are working on.


Sage Lube Builder Installation Instructions