Sage Lube Builder Installation Instructions

Sage Lube Builder System

Customize a dedicated lube truck, add lube capabilities and more with our LubeBuilder system. Choose everything from the number of tanks, tank storage capacities and the placement of the tanks within the truck bed. Your custom LubeBuilder kit will arrive with installation instructions and manuals for a simple install. This product works great for crane trucks, mechanics bodies, van bodies and enclosed bodies. Our LubeBuilder system will create better bed utilization with trailer-free flexibility to park closer in smaller work sites situations. All systems come with fluid control panels that can be mounted at operator convenience. From the panels, you can control product flow, see fluid levels in tanks and fill fresh product tanks and offload used tank.

Professional lube equipment from Sage allows an operator to change the oil at a rate of up to 10-20 gallons per minute, cutting down the time that you spend changing the oil regardless of the equipment that you are working on.

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