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Klein Products Overview

Klein Water Tanks

  • Dust Control for construction and Mining
  • Klein SmartSpray Technology to safe Water, Fuel and Time
  • Patented Trapezoid Design with lowest center of Gravity
  • more stability on any terrain, better visibility for the driver
  • Stainless Steel tanks for Potable Water
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Klein Tank Advantages

  • Klein Patented Trapezoid Design
  • Lowest Center of Gravity in the industry
    > Provides more stability on any terrain
    > Perfect weight distribution
  • Improved visibility for the driver, as side mirrors are not blocked
  • Flanged Heads Welding improves tank strength 5-10 times

Articulated Water Tank

The most comman water truck on US construction sites and mining is having a tremendous success in the Export World!

Klein Diesel Tanks

Klein Diesel Tanks are among the toughest Tanks in the Industry. 

Trapezoid Design

Trapezoid Shape with lowest possible center of gravity

Perfect weight distribution

More stability for the vehicle on any terrain

Flanged Heads

increased strength by factor
5-10 compared to traditional butt weld.

Standard Equipment

Pump, Meter, Hose Reel, Fuel filter

Klein Tanks with Hook Lift


Maintain Flexibility on every Project

Quickly change attachment with Roll-on / Roll-off

Improve ROI by having a Multi-purpose truck

Integration with mayor Hook Lift companies worldwide

Klein/Sage Oil Vac

  • Innovate vacuum system, driven by one air compressor
  • No oil pumps to maintain
  • Vacuum out hot old oil at higher speeds
  • Clean: Oil spills are avoided by quick connect system for oil change
  • Klein Diesel Tank with hydraulic Fast Fill pumping system

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